15th of April

A Quick One A Fast and Violent End

I made this car as a tribute to the old “monster” car trading cards we used get as kids, usually a cartoon version of a muscle car spewing smoke, jumping off the road and driven by some kind of drooling monster. Well, no monster in this video but the action follows the spirit of those cards.

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1st of April

Stone Hall A Steampunk Power Room

A concept piece using perspective, light and shadows. This environment is part of a larger work in progress called The Last Resort. The composition was based on a photograph from the Opacity web site. This site is fantastic resource of photos of abandoned and decaying locations around the globe.

25th of March

Wetlands An Environmental Concept

This CG piece was for a proposed development next to a wetlands area and was intended to show some of the possibilities for the enhancement of this area while leaving its natural elements undisturbed.

14th of March

CicLAvia Oscars Ephemeral